There's no way to describe what I do. It's just me. - Andy Kaufman

When Kaufman said that, he wasn't talking about web designers. In fact, describing what we do as designers is easy if you don't try to squeeze in so many buzzwords that you sound more like Nathan Barley than Dieter Rams, so I’ll avoid the sesquipedalia:

I’m Ross Ackery, a freelance web designer from South East London with 7 years experience.

I have worked on hundreds of projects, including signage design for a federation of schools, an internal system for a Fortune 500 company and illustrations for a multi-national news agency. This variety of work has shaped my web design process, allowing me to confidently work with any brand, big or small.

Whilst designing the website for a hotel in Brazil, I developed a love for kitesurfing. This now accompanies skiing as one of my go-to holidays each year. I watch a hell of a lot of football, listen to a whole bunch of podcasts and I’m not too shabby at Rocket League.