North London Teaching School Alliance website design mocked up on a laptop

My Roles

  • UX
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design

The Problem

NLTA is a new teaching alliance, working with their partners to support underperforming schools and provide initial teaching training. They needed a website to accurately represent the quality of the training courses they offer, increase course signups and handle the course booking process from start to finish.

This project was completed whilst working at Cleverbox

The Solution

I designed a site that communicates a professional, high-quality brand. Thanks to Cleverbox’s bespoke CMS for education, the site can grow with the client's needs.

The content for the site was structured in a way that pushes users to course pages without feeling intrusive. Additionally, page widgets can be strategically placed to seamlessly lead users to relevant course booking pages.

Content Strategy

Along with the team at Cleverbox, I ensured all relevant content could be linked to the appropriate courses. For instance, if there is an interview with a newly qualified teacher, the admin can add links to courses that are spoken about in the form of page widgets. There are page widgets for case studies, staff profiles, locations, Twitter and courses. The sitemap below shows the standard position of widgets, but the functionality is there for the client to add widgets whenever new content is added.

User Journeys - mapping widget locations and destinations at launch.