Vila Coqueiros website design mocked up on iphones

My Roles

  • Branding
  • Web Design

The Problem

Bohunt Education Trust has been steadily growing but the member's websites, designed independently from each other, had been left behind. These sites, when viewed as a group, seemed unfamiliar. There was little indication that these schools work together, sharing resources and skills. They needed to become a recognisable family whilst retaining their individuality to create a cohesive and professional brand for the trust as a whole.

This project was completed whilst working at Cleverbox

The Solution

I had to come up with a framework that could be duplicated for each school, working with any brand colour. It needed to work not only for their current members but be dynamic enough to work for any future members. The result was a system that facilitates the individual needs of each school, whilst still looking like a cohesive group.

Design / Build

I designed 16 pages, including features such as a blog, a documents hub, a calendar and more. Utilising features in Sketch/Adobe XD the design system can be changed to suit any school by changing one colour swatch and dropping in the logo. This simplicity is also present in the code, minimising development time and reducing costs for the client.

photo of my screen showing Adobe XD and colours for each website design

Prepared for growth

I created a document that shows any elements that use the brand colour, using this guide I can ensure that all text, links and icons will be legible when used in association with any given colour reference. Having worked with trusts of 40+ schools, I know that when more schools are added it’s hard to keep track of the colours that are already in use. Therefore this ‘clone guide’ is also used to record the clones that are live and their colour references so that any new school can be given its own identity.